About Us

About Us

Hello foodies!!

This blog is all about your favorite Maggi. As the name suggests we are focusing on numerous Maggi recipes and new dishes made from Maggi.

I am a very enthusiastic person who loves to eat Maggi noodles. I love to experiment on old-style Maggi. Besides I try to make different dishes with Maggi noodles.

People around the world are crazy about Maggi. I believe many of us can’t stay away from it, can we? It is the only food that comes to our mind if we feel hungry at irregular times of the day. And how can we forget about the hostlers? Maggi is their only food and only hope when they feel lazy enough to cook something else.

And if we talk about kids, they have a different craze to take Maggi in the school tiffin. And nowadays even older people like to eat Maggi too.

I would like to mention that after experimenting enough in my kitchen, I learned several Maggi recipes. Starting from street style to healthy to quick food. Because of my experiments, I felt like starting a blog to share the recipes.

On this platform, you can share your unique style of Maggi recipes too. Learn more about it here.

I hope you all will support me and enjoy my recipes.