Crispy Fried Maggi For Brunch | Maggi With a Twist

Crispy Fried Maggi For Brunch | Maggi With a Twist

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Short Story- Bored of plain boiled regular Maggi? Looking to add a twist to your favorite noodles? Just grab the packet of noodles and smash in the packet. Now you people must be wondering who smashes the Maggi, the big noodles are good. But this is how we’ll fry it! Enough of chit-chatting, let’s get to the recipe!

Here is the quick recipe of crispy fried Maggi.

Ingredients List:

2 tbsp oil
1 onion finely chopped (or according to your preference)
1 tbsp schezwan sauce
1 tsp soya sauce (optional)
1 tsp salt
1 packet Maggi

How to make:

Heat the pan and put the oil.
When the oil is heated, put the onions in the pan and saute until it becomes golden (make sure to not overcook the onions).
After the onions become golden brown put the smashed Maggi in the pan and stir it continuously.
When the Maggi starts turning golden brown put 1 tbsp of schezwan sauce and mix it well.
After 30 seconds put half a glass of water and let it boil.
Now add the Maggi masala and soya sauce.
Let the water-soaked completely.
Take it out on the plate and sprinkle some Maggi masala over it.

Tada! Your crispy fried Maggi noodles are ready to serve.

The twist was to fry it before boiling so that it gets that crunch and strong flavor.


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